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MX-40 Degreaser

MX-40 Degreaser - Product Images
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MX-40 is a water soluble, powerful, fast acting, concentrated combination of surface active ingredients designed to handle any grease, oil and soil problems that exist in industrial plants


Use to clean forklifts, greasy equipment, exhaust fans, lathes, industrial carbon and soot, workshop floors, tool & die equipment etc.  For removing carbon build-up from air filters found in “air ducted units”


Depending on application, dilute 1 part MX-40 with up to 100 parts water.
Stronger concentrations should be used for more heavy duty cleaning.
MX-40 may also be used in industrial pressure washing units at a dilution rate of 1 to 2 parts in 100 parts water as well as in industrial floor scrubbing machines.


Appearence Clear Mauve like liquid
PH 13 - 14
Specific gravity 1.090



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