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Air Conditioning Products

Cyberchem offers a comprehensive range of chemical solutions for the HVAC Industry. From specially formulated Coil Cleaners to Coil Protective Coatings, as well as Anti-bacterial sprays for split wall units. We also offer the HVAC technician a range of support products such as Multi Lubes, Electrical Contact Cleaners; over and above we manufacture a specialized range of cleaners and degreasers.

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    A flexible seal and coating to prevent moisture, oils etc from forming on electrical and industrial equipment. Also prevents arcing. Protectol has also been designed to protect air-cooled condensers, evaporator coils and other finned heating and cooling coils from the elements.  Once applied, Protectol will protect the coil from adverse conditions and extend the coils service life.

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    A non-acid, alkaline based Aluminium cleaner containing emulsifiers and detergents, designed specifically to clean condensers, evaporators and filters in the HVAC industry.

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    A safer friendlier Aluminium and metal coil and filter cleaner, for both the coil and the environment. Recoil Eco is biodegradable and extremely gentle on the coils. Containing emulsifiers and detergents, and designed for multi metals, Recoil Eco will not attack aluminium or copper coils components, thereby extending equipment life.

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    Recoil Final Rinse is totally biodegradable and extremely gentle on the coils. Recoil Final Rinse has been designed to neutralize the chemistry from whatever chemical was used to clean the coil, prior to this final step in the cleaning process. Recoil Final Rinse will also remove any salts and mineral deposits left by the cleaning process, thereby ensuring the best possible bond for the Protectol coil coating application.

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    Aluminium and metal NON-RINSING coil cleaner. A blend of emulsifiers and detergents. NON-ACID formulation. Contains a QAC biocide for control of algae and bacteria. 

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