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Hospitality Products

A specialised hospitality cleaning range for accommodation, kitchens and in-house.  Our highly qualified Chemist focuses on staying abreast with the current trends ensuring cleaner safer technologies and constantly striving to bring more responsible products to the market place. Thus ensuring a positive relationship and goodwill between guest and host.  Where possible we use bridgeable and environmentally friendly additives.

  • Air-San Fogger - Product Images


    A synergistic blend of novel disinfectants, alcohols and fragrances. A single release air sanitizing, disinfectant and deodorizing single use fogging spray, used in hospitals, sick rooms, mortuaries, hotel foyers, airport waiting rooms, vehicles and wherever air borne germs and surface disinfecting is needed.

  • Clean All - Product Images

    Clean All is a highly concentrated general-purpose cleaner containing sequestrants and water-soluble solvents that will clean everything from fabric to trucks.

    SPEC SHEET: PDF icon PDI Clean All.pdf
  • Clean-San - Product Images


    Clean-San is a powerful multipurpose, disinfectant cleaner, deodorizer and sanitizer.
    Contains Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride and Teatree oil for a powerful sanitizing action.

    SPEC SHEET: PDF icon PDI Clean-San.pdf
  • Cyber Fog Brick - Product Images

    Fat, Oil, Grease Control B (Fog Brick) is a slow release, bacterial laden solid for use in degrading organic waste within grease traps. 

    SPEC SHEET: PDF icon PDI Fog Brick.pdf
  • Drain Maintanance - Product Images

    Drain Maintenance is a combination of bacteria and enzymes that rapidly liquefy and digest fats, oils, greases, cellulose and protein. By keeping slow or blocked drain systems and grease traps free flowing, the need for frequent cleaning is reduced.

  • Liquid Hand Soap - Product Images


    This reliable and effective liquid hand soap formula contains a high percentage of surfactants and wetting agents washing away dirt and bacteria (health care agencies recommend washing hands in warm water for at least 20 seconds) leaving your hands feeling clean and soft.

    SPEC SHEET: Not yet available
  • Mildex - Product Images

    Mildew and fungus stain remover.

    SPEC SHEET: PDF icon PDI Mildex.pdf
  • Oxy Clean - Product Images

    A stabilized bio-oxidant solution, non-corrosive and stabilized for long term storage.

    SPEC SHEET: PDF icon PDI Oxy Clean.pdf
  • Satin Paste - Product Images

    Highly effective ammoniated paste cleaner. No drip off when cleaning vertical surfaces.
    Versatile cleaner that may be diluted with water to make into a solution for cleaning more delicate surfaces.

  • Sewerex - Product Images

    A concentrated compound designed for drain and sewer line cleaning

    SPEC SHEET: PDF icon PDI Sewerex.pdf

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