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Blu X-Antiscalent

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Product Data Information: 


Blu X-Anti-Scalent is a specialized acidic reacted polymer containing polymeric anti-scalents. It is specifically designed for the prevention and removal of scale due to hardness salts and metallic contaminants.


pH @25oC   <2 (pure product)
Appearance White opaque liquid
Specific Gravity 1.18 - 1.23


Blu X-Anti-Scalent is normally utilized as a scale inhibitor and dispersant in open recirculating cooling systems. Its nominal residual is at 100-150mg/l but may be controlled at 500-1000mg/l in severely fouled systems.
CWC-Anti-Scalent can be used as a cleaning additive by being circulated as a 1 to 3% solution based on system volume for the CIP process.


Blu X-Anti-Scalent can be stored for up to 24 months from the date of manufacture, in its original, sealed packaging, at room temperature in a dry area.  Bags must be kept undercover and out of direct sunlight. This product can be safely stored in plastic type holding tanks designed to manage the specific gravity listed.  Blu X-Anti-Scalent must be protected from freezing. Protective clothing such as gloves and goggles should be worn when handling Blu X-Anti-Scalent.



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