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Protectol C

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Product Data Information: 

A flexible seal and coating surface protector to shield and protect your equipment. Protectol will also prevent moisture, oils etc from forming on electrical and industrial equipment. Also prevents arcing. 


  • Used on all electrical windings, inside of motor frames, commutator parts, separator coils etc.
  • An arc resisting coating for controller shafts, switch bases and other electrical insulation.
  • Seals oil lines, airlines, gaskets, threaded pipes, crankcase flanges and battery terminals.
  • Prevents corrosion on aluminium and all other metal surfaces.
  • A HVAC coil protective coating


All surfaces to be coated should be free of moisture, oil and grease. Preparation is critical to ensure maximum adhesion. A Cyberchem recommended chemical must be used and in the correct dosage. The coil must then be properly rinsed to remove all residual chemical before coating is applied. Coils must then be thoroughly dried before application.
When using an airline sprayer, hold nozzle approx. 20 to 30 cm from surface to be sprayed. While spraying move nozzle back and forth quickly to deposit an even finish. May also be applied with a paint brush.
Leave to dry for at least 30 minutes.
Coverage:  12 – 16 sq/m per Litre


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