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Satin Paste

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Highly effective ammoniated paste cleaner. No drip off when cleaning vertical surfaces.
Versatile cleaner that may be diluted with water to make into a solution for cleaning more delicate surfaces.


Ideal for cleaning baths, basins, and all ceramic surfaces as well as melamine-type canteen table tops and counters. Also used in kitchens for removing fat from overhead cooking canopies, for porcelain, plastic, aluminum and stainless steel pots and kitchenware. Used for cleaning lift in hotel foyers.


Apply SATIN PASTE on damp cloth or sponge and rub over the surface to be cleaned. Rinse off, using a separate clean cloth or sponge. Use Satin Paste on steel wool or scouring pads to remove grease from stoves. Dilute Satin Paste 1 in 20 parts water to clean more delicate surfaces. Ideal for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens and hotel.

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