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Blu X Cooling

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Blu X Cooling is an all-in-one cooling water corrosion inhibitor, anti-scalent, biocide, dispersant & bio-dispersant.

Blu X Cooling is a specialized acidic reacted polymer containing corrosion inhibitors, polymeric anti-scalents, dispersants, biocides and surface-active agents. It is specifically designed for water with a Ryznar Index in the corrosive range for reducing corrosion whilst simultaneously preventing the build-up of suspended solids and aiding dispersion of organic and metallic contaminants. This product also inhibits the proliferation of micro-organisms in process cooling systems, process pipework and vessels.

Blu X Cooling offers a single drum solution!

  • multifunctional product  
  • prevents scale formation  
  • provides dual corrosion inhibitors
  • maintains clean heat transfer surfaces  
  • effectively disperses suspended solids
  • controls bio-fouling 
Blu X Cooling can be stored for up to 24 months from the date of manufacture, in its original, sealed packaging, at room temperature in a dry area.  Containers must be kept undercover and out of direct sunlight. This product can be safely stored in plastic type holding tanks designed to manage the specific gravity listed.  Blu X Cooling must be protected from freezing. Protective clothing such as gloves and goggles should be worn when handling Blu X Cooling.


Blu X Cooling is of low toxicity and any residue monomers present have low toxicity. The product is quite neutral but eye contact or prolonged skin contact may cause irritation. Should contact occur, hands should be washed with soap and water and eyes well irrigated for fifteen minutes.  Ingestion will induce vomiting and should be treated symptomatically. Spillages must be contained to allow for safe disposal.  Avoid direct flushing to storm water drain. Please refer to product SAFETY DATA.    

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