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Metal Brite

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Concentrated aluminium and stainless steel cleanser and brightner. Contains special blends of acids to emulsify dirt, oil, grease and oxides while brightening aluminium and stainless steel surfaces.



Ideal for cleaning refrigerated shipping containers, cleaning truck bodies, storage tanks, urinals etc. Safe for aluminium or stainless steel.


For aluminium and stainless steel trucks and trailers: Use a solution of one part product diluted with 20 to 30 parts water. Working in hot, direct sun may cause streaking, therefore it is essential to wet down sides of trailer with water to cool surface before application of cleaning solution. Always use a plastic or stainless steel sprayer or bucket. Apply by spraying or with a soft acid resistant brush. Pressure washers may be used provided they are acid resistant. Always clean from the bottom up to avoid streaking. Allow solution to stay on surface for 5 minutes then flush thoroughly with water. NB. Do not allow solution to dry on cleaning surface.

For stainless steel equipment: Dilute one part product up to 20 parts water to remove rust spots and other marks from stainless steel tanks, urinals etc.


ph 0.2 - 0.6
SG 1.005 - 1.015
Rinseability Excellent

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