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Blu X Biocide

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Blu X Biocide (ACT-909) is a highly effective liquid biocide which will control growth of micro-organisms in a cooling system across the complete range of organisms - algae, fungi, etc. 


Physical State
Light Blue viscuos liquid

3 - 5

Specific gravity
1.015 - 1.025 gm/cc


Initially, or in fouled systems, feed at the rate of 20 – 120 ppm (400 ml – 1.2lt) per each 10,000lt of system water volume. Continue this dosage level until control is achieved.  Then, feed at the rate of 25 – 75 ppm (250ml – 750ml) per 10,000lt of system water volume on a regular basis (once or twice a week) as needed.


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