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A concentrated compound designed for drain and sewer line cleaning



A concentrated compound designed for sewer line cleaning and removing blockages. SEWEREX will also attack and dissolve stubborn roots that penetrate sewer lines.

SEWEREX has a delayed action which permits it to reach obstructions before going to work on all organic matter.  Certain industrial organic waste may give off explosive gases when in decomposing sewer environments.  SEWEREX contains material to reduce these gases.


As obstructions in sewers vary in type and size the quantity of SEWEREX to add to a system will need to be a trial and error process. Add product in quantities no larger than 5 Kg at a time at a point as close as possible behind the obstruction.  For best results there should be water movement.  If there is none, run water by means of a hose pipe into the sewer immediately after adding the product. This will aid the product to get to the blockage. Repeat application until obstruction is cleared.


Blend of alkali, surfactants and inhibitors

13.0 – 13.5

Specific Gravity
0.96 – 1.12gm/cc


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